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Personal Watercraft (PWC) Lifts



The two most common lift systems for PWCs are the drive-on lifts or ports and the lift systems with a lift tank, similar to regular boat lifts.

Amaysing Services offers both lift systems to prevent your PWC from any damage caused by wind and wave action.


Drive-on ports provide a simple dry-docking system for easy access and are ideal in shallow water.
We offer the
EZ-Dock product line with a variety of different models and sizes for all PWCs and smaller boats.


  Introducing the new EZ Port MAX 2i.
The new features of the EZ Port MAX 2i make it the best drive-on PWC lift available today.
The patented system with fully adjustable rollers allows for smooth and easy drive-on entry and roll-off launching, even for beginner PWC operators.
168" x 58.5" - 1,700 lbs capacity



Our lifts with the lift tanks are manufactured by EconoLift.
While this set up will raise your PWC completely out of the water by several inches it does require
a power source to raise the lift.

PWC Platform Lift to be installed in boat slips
that are 9' - 14' wide
The lift can be set up for one or two PWC's
Different decking options are available.
We can match the decking that is installed on
your boat dock.


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