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Boat Lifts

Amaysing Services is an authorized dealer for EconoLift Boat Hoists since 1987 –
“The Obvious Choice”. 

EconoLift uses only the highest quality materials in its boat hoists,
a totally enclosed polyethylene tank for more stability in open or high traffic water situations and durable, completely galvanized metal parts.
That's why the EconoLift boat hoist is the most dependable, yet affordable boat hoist available today.

The following features are standard on all EconoLift Boat Lifts:

- Rotomolded Polyethylene tanks that are totally enclosed and carry a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser

- US Steel that has been hot dip galvanized to make your boat lift purchase a lasting investment

- Poly (UMHW)bushings at all wear points

- Lockable deck mounted control boxes for security and ease of operation

- Safety valve mounted directly into the tank to assure that your boat will remain high and dry!

- A ground fault interrupter for your protection against electrocution




All lifts can be set up for V-Hull, Pontoon and Deck Boats.
Also available is a front mount lift where attaching to the sides of the boat slip is not possible.
Optional features are rough water kits (or lift stops) and boat guides.

The capacity of the EconoLift boat lifts range from 4500 lbs to 20000 lbs.
If our standard boat lifts do not accommodate your boat we will certainly love the challenge to customize a lift for your needs.


After a Long Day on the Water – Ease into Port
Introducing the EZ BoatPort™ with air-assist and side extensions.

Truly a shallow water boat lift with up to 5,000 lbs capacity!
For EZ BoatPorts without air-assist a minimum water depth of 20” is required and for EZ BoatPorts with air-assist a minimum water depth of 36” is required.

Designed like our other EZ Port products with an easy drive-on, push off method of dry docking, the Boat Port is self-floating and can move with the changing water levels. Keeping your boat high and dry has never been so easy!


Different configurations are available to fit multiple boat shapes and sizes.

The EZ Pontoon Lift offers the same convenience of our drive-on EZ BoatPort®—but it’s specially designed for your pontoon. Two models are available: PL2000 for standard pontoons boats up to 2,000 lbs. and PL3500 for pontoon boats up to 3,500 lbs.

Versatile mounting options allow for multiple installation methods.

Multiple air-assist pump unit options are available for all Boat or Pontoon lifts.
All pump units provide easy, hassle-free operation with an approximate lift time of 30 – 90 seconds.


For detailed product information contact us or go to: www.ez-dock.com


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