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Amaysing Services, Inc. offers an annual 
Dock Watch Program for Lake Lanier



We will monitor the lake level on Lake Lanier year round and move your boat dock in or out as needed according to the fluctuating lake level.




Don't you want to avoid this happening to your boat dock?


Included in this program is straighten and reset the dock after heavy winds or storms when the dock turned or spun. We have to be notified in such event to provide the required service. 


At the same time we will inspect your dock to detect any damage or to determine if any additional service or repair work is required.

We will then inform you and present a free cost estimate if such work is necessary.


The inspection of your boat dock includes:

- anchor poles and shore line anchors
- cables, winches and pulleys
- structural integrity of dock
attachments of flotation
sufficient water depths for boat lifts
hinge systems on ramps and dock
decking and moorings
wheel systems
shore line stairs


Not included in the annual fee for the dock watch program is:

- additional service or repair work
any parts or material
any other service or repair work requested by customer


Amaysing Services, Inc. offers this dock watch program also as a monthly service.
Whether you go on a vacation or will be out of town for a certain period of time we will monitor your boat dock for you.


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